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Welcome and congratulations for your willingness to look at the proof about 9-11. No matter how painful the facts raised by this site may be, we as patriotic Americans and people of good faith must look at the evidence for ourselves.... Please read this if you're a conservative who believes that 9/11 conspiracies are something cooked up by liberals and the Democrat party to weaken the conservative movement or to undermine the President's ability to lead the country in this dangerous time.Please read this if you're a liberal who doesn't think that anyone credible questions 9/11.


The Final Assault on 2nd Amendment Rights is in Full Swing.......Alex Jones

Alex talks with Paul Velte in-studio, a lawyer with a civil and criminal trial practice based in Austin, Texas. Velte is the founder of Peaceable Texans for ...

 Have you ever thought where to go? This Is The Place

Since 1962, the Dominican Republic has led the Caribbean in preserving sensitive inland and coastal eco-systems through partnerships with leaders like the Nature Conservancy, the United Nations, the Smithsonian and many more to establish powerful environmental protection. Dominica Republic preservation areas and sanctuaries, like the Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals, the first whale sanctuary in the world located along the coast of Samana, are a vital tourism draw to the Dominica Republic's fabled lush green surroundings.  

Bomb kills 54 in Pakistan, Taliban threatens US A suicide bomber struck a rally in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Friday, killing at least 54 people in the second major attack this week and piling pressure on a US-backed govt. Pakistan's Talibanclaimed responsibility for the blast and said..  World News

Mexican border battle: soldiers kill 25 suspected drug cartel membersSOLDIERS HAVE killed 25 suspected cartel members in a raid and gun battle near the US border that has seen a surge in drug gang violence. A  connaissance flight over Ciudad Mier in Tamaulipas state spotted several gunmen in front of a property, according to...

 Incluesiv News On Blog Talk Radio Your Host 

Isaiah James.

1 Killed After Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Bike Race

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 Tug boat hits well causes new gusher in Gulf. Not Again!!! Adding insult to the Gulf's injury, an oil platform hit by a tugboat early Tuesday is now spewing oil and natural gas near a Louisiana marsh area. While there was no estimate of how much oil was gushing, officials said the mile-long slick it created was small compared...  

The Rapture Report  The Rapture Report is here to provide meaningful and insightful end times commentary on Israel and Middle East news events and how they relate to Bible prophecy. We hope you enjoy these insightful news and....


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