Because we are the body of Christ we need to work together As we work together we are working toward the same goal
We need our government to work with us also instead of them working against us. Our goal is to serve Christ with our whole hearts and if you don't believe in God that is your choice. But I can't turn my back on you because you are still my brother and sister. How can you be so blind to  whats going on in this world and who is causing this to happen. How many people will die because you do not want to get involved. Why is it so hard to live with your neighbor? The only time you want attention is when its you. Lets put the Racism a side and the fowl mouth and concentrate on what happen on 911 it could of been you. I say this because most of you still wear blinders you only want to hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see. We are in the end time and things are happening fast, right before your eyes but you turn and look the other way. You must pay attention to what going on. It has been written already. The Bible does not change Man change. When a Man take another man or woman life its a statement saying I am more superior than you. Its Evil. As people we need to Unite as you can see the World Government's Has. Get ready for a New World Order and its not going to be pretty. You will surely die when your refuse the order. Its time to act now. Stay Focus and alive.