Last night President Obama marked the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As the President said, the struggle for peace is not over, but the progress we've made is undeniable. This moment also represents a promise kept. As a candidate, President Obama laid out a vision for this country -- and bringing our troops home from Iraq was a defining part of that vision. It was one of the reasons that all of us knocked on doors, made ... 

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        Killing Of Innocent Children 

  America Stop Causing Destruction And War For Money

About Me

Isaiah James Sometimes it seems like America causes a certain energy to build up in me. I would describe it maybe as a determined anger. Mostly I notice more when people run on autopilot and I have no tolerance for it. I have tried to deal with it I now view the experience as somewhat superficial because I think compassion should arise naturally in the forms needed by seeing the interconnectedness of all and aligning myself with the implicate natural order. I tends to make energy blockages more pronounced, as well as increasing my awareness of what's going on within and without. From what I've seen, it's not that uncommon for anger or fear or other 'negative' feelings to arise during problems. The important thing is not to become attached (or averse) to them, and simply maintain your awareness of the feelings of anger or self-righteousness. Be aware of the sensations that arise in the body when you feel angry. I learned to experience the anger, without any differentiation between a subject who feels the anger and the anger itself. However, truly experiencing life does not in any sense mean that I must express it, nor repress it, nor control it, nor suppress it. I am not any way epitomizing of the confused mind, What I say is because I live threw it. Being a x military man taking a vow to defend my country against foreign and domestic made me sour to my stomach that I have to do it here in America. I have much love for you America, and other country too. Lets stop the killing before its to late. I need your help. This website is dedicated to Malu, may God be with you where ever you are.

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